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What goes into a Batsu/Maru piece?

Batsu/Maru pieces are handcrafted with 14k gold-filled wire and 14k gold-filled chains. The width of the gold-filled wire varies with each design. Some of our items are gently hammered, giving them a textured finished.

A few of our pieces are made with very, very thin gold-filled wire that will bend with regular wear. Not to worry - the wire can be gently shaped back into it's original form.

What is gold-filled? 

Gold-filled wire and metal are created by bonding gold alloy to jeweler's brass using high heat and pressure. Unlike gold-plated metal that is made using a thin coat of gold over brass, gold-filled metal will not chip or wear off. Gold-filled wire and chains are lifetime products that rarely, if ever, tarnish. 

What about Batsu/Maru necklaces and bracelets?

We love texture and appreciate high quality materials. Our necklaces and bracelets are delicate but are designed for everyday wear. We use a combination of 100% silk thread, gold-filled chains, and Toho glass seed beads in the design of our necklaces and bracelets. Our clasps and crimps are also gold-filled. 

How do I care for my new pieces? 

Gold-filled earrings and rings can be polished with a soft cloth or by using a gentle soap and water. We polish our pieces with a jewelry cloth to keep them nice and shiny! 

While you can shower or swim with your gold-filled pieces, we suggest taking off pieces made with silk cord and avoid getting them wet to keep them in top shape.

Our pieces are delicate by nature and should be treated with the appropriate care.

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